22 February 2009

taking it to the streets

A couple weeks back, memom came to visit and while she was here; she, my stand up woman, and I went dress appraising and pattern perusing. We found some lovely lovelies, but nothing that was THE dress. Which was fine, cuz we mostly were just getting ideas and considering possibilities.

But, dudes! We had too much fun with some of our discoveries, including a long draped halter number done in bold tie-dye with a huge ass rhinestone buckle anchored squarely between the breasts. As soon as I saw it, I crowed, "this is the one, this is the one!" and later, my mom told Jerry that whatever he'd wear would blend cuz there is absolutely no color, shade, or tint that was not represented in this dress. While I am sure it would suit some woman perfectly, that woman is not me.


I am having way too much fun teasing Jerry about the dress, shoes, and other details; mostly cuz he doesn't yet know when I am kidding and so he digests most any thing I tell him with grace and tolerance. I did tell him that I was going very mini, with a fluffy multi-tiered viel that was much longer than the dress. And he just carefully blanked his face and then nodded slowly.

Several times, I've gotten very girly and gushed that I just had to diet so I could fit into that size seven dress cuz that's the only size it comes in and it is just perfect. Of course we all know that I'd never do such a thing, I like to eat too much. Witness, Mary's Love cake of a few entries back.

I'm sure some of you have some wonderful suggestions, send links!

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