15 February 2009

yoooo-hoooo {waving} i'm here

dudes! it's been more'n a week since i last wrote and i won't begin to attempt to catch y'all up on every lil everything. just not possible.

but i can tell ya some of the stuffs!

memom's visit was great! her classes were wonderful, filled with good folks with good attitudes and absolutely no one with a pissy 'tude {tho it seems there is always at least one per group, these groups were all good people}; which made the classes even more fun. the response by those who were in the classes as well as those on the waiting lists was so good that i think the folks at emerson may ask mom to come share her basket weaving skills again in the near future. yea! yea! mom, way to go!!!

in fact, one lovely lady brought mom a jar of beautiful daffodils from her yard and another brought baklava, yum! we had lots of fun and a good time was had by all. yea!!

mom's visit was packed with friends visiting, lots of dinners, movies, chatting, and other great wonderfulness in general. we went to jerry's a couple times and she had the chance to meet some of the kids, including the five month old baby who was kinda gurgly. mom held him and talked with him and put him to sleep in no time at all.

she left on friday, cuz as she says, "debbie's got a new beau and saturday is valentine's day". after jerry was thru with work, he came over and we had some tuna casserole and then i went over to his place for the weekend. we watched some tv, he t-vo's some stuff. 'officer and a gentleman' was on and wow, dude, was richard gere ever that young?!?!

jerry's been reading the sookie stackhouse vampire books (yeah, ok, that's not the name of them, but i'm too damn lazy to look it up right now) so he spent a great part of yesterday and today reading to me and i crocheted. his son and daughter in law and the newest grandbaby (one month old) visited and that was very pleasant. his youngest child (21) and her youngest (five months old) visited today for just a bit and it was good to see them.

but the funniest visit was from four year old lisping lil girl who asked for "swistee tadz" rather emphatically. she told us that her brother (9) was wanting them for something he was doing to a fence in his backyard. jerry and i asked if she meant 'twisty ties' and even showed her a few. she shook her head and all but stomped her foot and insisted that "you know," while nodding at us, "swwwwwisssssteee tadzzzzzzzzzz" while flipping her hands around. we tried calling her mother but the phone was busy and so when her brother showed up, we were a bit relieved, and he assured us, he did mean twisty ties but really wanted zip-strips. whew.

swistee tadz indeed.

but i feel for her, cuz dude, i've been lisping like a fifteen year old with a new retainer all week. if the dentist is open tomorrow, i'm gonna go see if he can't perhaps fit me differently cuz if i get the front of the partial snug, then the back is way loose and if i get the back to fit properly, then the front is way loose. so eating is a challenge and speaking is too.

but damn, don't i have a pretty smile?!?

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