17 February 2009

puny me

i spoke too soon yesterday when i had said that i was seeing the tail end of the 24 hr bug. i ended up canceling an appt i had this morning cuz i couldn't even haul my butt into the shower. i spent most of the day in deep sleep, sweating and shivering and having the strangest dreams. all those are definite signs of fever. ripping and raging.

this afternoon i showered that sick sweat off and bundled myself into warm comfy cozy jammies and made myself some nice hot mint tea with just a tad sweetened, mmmmmmhmmm good. i finally was able to stand up without wobbling too badly and washed my dishes. i tried to eat some leftovers, but set them aside for my shaddow to have. instead i ate some oatmeal and that hit the spot and soothed my tummy.

i've been listening to rita mae brown's hounded to death while updating my eMail and such. it's been a good day over all, but i think that i best continue to rest and not push it too much. i do have an appt in the morning with the dentist to get this plate fitted better so that it doesn't feel so loose in my mouth. and then maybe i can speak without sounding like i have...well...a mouth full of acrylic!

my gp told me that about four to six weeks prior to visible pollen deposits, the pesky pollen is floating about in the air; irritating sinuses and clogging up lungs. so that helps to explain some gunk. euuwwwwww.

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