01 March 2009


yeah so this morning, i wake up and hear voices, excited voices, child's voice with adult voices, all babbling. in just a bit, i was out in the living room, and gaping at the child's toy car that was packed with *gulp* snow. 'is it snowing?' i stupidly ask, turning toward the window. and there, across the lawn, burying the tender daffodils, coating the porch railing and driveway...was snow!

i continued to gape and turned back to the very excited lil boy who was gushing about his snowman. the boy's father showed me the pic of the his authentic, real snowman, sitting on a lawnchair. yes, it was a lil snowman, but he is a lil boy, and this is mississippi, where full-sized snowmen are not really an option.

the lil boy now was jumping across the living room in glee and all of a sudden, whooosh! his feet shot right out from under him. he looked startled and sought his mom to see if he should cry. she said to come over and wipe off his icy-soled sneakers. to which, the lil boy rightly crowed,

"snowman on my shoes, see?!?!" while kicking one leg up to show me the bottom of his shoe, where indeed, a chunk of ice was welded to the sole of his sneaker.

it was so cool to see kids all hoppy with happiness. snow. who'da thunk?

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