09 December 2007

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Oh, horrors!  It was bound to happen sometime, and frankly, I am surprised it hasn't happened sooner.  But it is still such a disappointment.  A cringing erk moment which has now become intense scrutiny of replayed actions and what did i do wrong and how do i fix it.  Worrisome, it is, downright worrisome.

I've been baking cookies for over thirty years, and yesterday was the first time that a batch was horrible and didn't improve.  The first sheet I retrieved from the oven brought tears to my eyes.  All the cookies were melted into one big burnt edges with raw center mess.  I adjust the temperature of the oven and made sure that i had mixed the dough thoroughly.  Then, I tried again.  The second sheet was slightly better, at least they baked evenly, no burnt edges and raw centers.  But the sheet looked like a topographical map with lumps and bumps and deep ravines and bare spots and clumps dotting the landscape.  So, I checked the dough again.  And the third sheet was an improvement, but not much of one.  The cookies crumbled and were very dry and didn't taste right at all.

So I covered the rest of the dough, stuck it in the fridge, shut down the oven and the kitchen, and called it a night.  I may attempt it again tonight.  I probably need to add flour and an egg.  I've never ever had problems with an entire batch of cookies.

First time for everything.


  1. Is your oven working properly?  Hmmmm  I'm not a baking person.



  2. Is it your oven?   Anne

  3. Seems to me it would be your oven causing the problem.  In my old stove I used to hang an oven thermometer (Walmart or Walmarts as the case may be) and that helped me figure out what temp to set the dial at.  

    Frustrating, I know.  

  4. Well, here's hoping that the next batch is a success! Happens to the best of 'em.

    Good luck!


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