07 December 2007

Labors of Love

If any of you have been wondering what in the world I've been doing cuz I've certainly not been posting much original material, drawings, sketches, good solid witty entries; then let me show you an example of my latest endeavors:

Behold!  The knit hat!  It fits an apple quite well.  Or the head of my guy's six pound niece.  She is tiny.  Not premature, but lil.  Course then she comes from a family of lil people.  On her mom's side at least.

This hat is so cute that I almost left the drawstring dangling from the top and made it into a Christmas tree ornament.  And if she wants, when she gets bigger, she can put it on her dolly.  If she has a dolly, cuz some lil girls don't do the dolly thing.

And that's okey.

(on a totally different line of thought:  i got bit by a stray dog today (so went to get a tetanus shot, no biggie).  the thing is that this dog has been around the farm for over six months and has not been an overly friendly dog but has never given me problems, til it bit the hand that feeds.  My daddy always said (ala roseanne roseanna danna) that once a dog goes bad, ya gots to put it down.  but for some loftily principled reason ("it isn't fair to the dog, debra"), my landlord spoke for it, and that's just fine.  til it bites one of his kids.  cuz it's all fun and games til someone important gets hurt.)

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