05 December 2007

Gorey Dogs

Earlier this evening, I went into the closet to retrieve the God's Eyes that I had made several years ago so that I can use them for gift tags for this Christmas when I found the boxes of yuletide holiday greetings that I purchased in January on clearance at Barnes & Nobles.  So I have 54 of these:
which would normally cost $42, but which I purchased for $3.00 (cuz I thrift and nifty like that).  I love the elegant simplicity of the winter pirouette by Doug Garrabrants with the all encompassing message of "wishing you a happy holiday season".

I also added a box of Edward Gorey's Yule Dogs to my acquisitions for a buck.  There are four different choices, as pictured below.  Guess which is my fav!  I adore Gorey's work as seen at this site.  Check it!


  1. Love them all, in particular because of the prices you paid!  LOL  # 2 of the Gorey's would be my own personal choice of favorite.  I think you are a #3 kind of gal.  :)

  2. I LOVE GOREY, TOO!!!  HE ROCKS! Even dead, he still rocks.

  3. Debs, Thanks for your very insightful comments in my journal.  I always think of you and hope this holiday finds you in good spirits.  Your cards are fabulous.  I love them all.  Do you ever read the New Yorker cartoons?  I love them, esp. the ones with animals.    Anne


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