17 December 2007

Baking Bread, the verdict

This time, I used 50/50 flour (whole wheat/regular white) and I added raisins, dates, and candied fruit mix.  The bread is more like a Christmas loaf.  It is sweet, but not like a cake.  It has a great texture, due to the whole wheat grains.  It smelled great while baking.

The three loaves are cooling and the two round loaves in the glass bowls are in the oven now.  I've tried one of the small loaves with some butter (testing it, doncha know) and I think it's alright to give a few loaves away.  So the finally verdict is in.  Very good.


  1. Way to go!!  Don't be shy about using lots of butter on warm bread!  mmmmmm


  2. Well, darn you girl!  Experimenting is the way to great, I mean GREAT recipes!

  3. Ha! I just came across Pop's secret bread book.  It was notes he kept in a notebook.  He was the best baker.  I'm an excellent cook but just can't seem to bake anything to save my life.  There is definitely an art to it!
    PS: Thank God you're not making fruit cakes!

  4. Sounds Delicious! I'm with Russ lots of butter on warm bread. (Hugs) Indigo


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