31 December 2007

happiest of newest years to everyone

well, i and my guy are staying in tonight.  yes!  and i'm ready to quickly shower and then take some fresh from the oven bread to my landlords.  and i hope to spend a quite evening with my guy who will be soon running hither and thither so we want to eek every minute we can.  be safe, dudes, be safe.


  1. Ok, I'll be safe.  I'm staying in tonight. Doc will be asleep by 7 p.m. and Luke and I will watch the fireworks from my backyard.  Happy New Year Debs!   Anne

  2. Home safe from a dinner of Chinese at our local favorite spot!  Happy New Year Deb!

  3. We too are staying in and being safe. We watched the Dick Clark New Years Eve Ball Drop. The Ball seemed smaller to me this yr, but oh well I still loved it Ü.

    Home made bread sounds wonderful! The smell of warm out of the oven bread is a delicacy of it's own Ü

    Wishing you both a wonderful, happy, healthy, prosperous 2008!



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