15 December 2007


For the past week, Stray Biter has been increasingly friendly with me (although not with my guy) especially when my Shaddow and Ziggee are indoors.  In fact the other day, I went to see my neighbors to take them their Christmas card and also to give Millie (Perry's, my landlord's, mother) an update.  She was ecstatic and rushed to give me some wormer meds cuz she thinks that may be why the Stray Biter is so skinny (in spite of everyone feeding him for over six months).  She also gave me three months supply of bio-spot (flea/tick treatment and prevention). Then she asked what name I gave him.  I said the first thing that came to mind.


Besides sounding like "biter" (given the german pronunciation of d's with a harder more definitive sound, like a T), he seems to have been biding his time to get closer to someone.  It's a bit of an honor that he chose me, but I think he was apologizing for his very bad biting behavior.  Poor form, doncha know.

Millie and I agreed that he most likely is a mix of Australian Shepherd (Aussies originated here, in the US, and not Australia) and black lab.  He is actually a smaller framed dog, maybe 40 pounds, with a neat head (wide in the jaw/cheeks, with a shorter snout), mostly a longer black hair coat with a white/dappled chest and socks.  Eventually, I may take him to the vet, to be neutered.  But I'm not in a real big rush.  Imagine trying to get this guy into the car, and then to the vets.  shudder.

That'd put a real kink into the tentative friendship we have.

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  1. Perfect name! Some how I knew you found a new friend, a wonderful animal kid to add to the menagerie! (Hugs) Indigo


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