19 December 2007

b'bye LJ's Coffee and Bakery; HELLO BookMart!!

LJ's is closing tomorrow BUT BookMart downtown asked her to come open and manage a coffee shop in their store.  He already has plans for Leona to then open and manage and train folks for the BookMart on campus and also longer range plans for Leona to open/manage/train the coffee shop in their BookMart in Oxford.  Leona is lots happier cuz the hours are more reasonable, no more 16 hour days.  And altho there is still lots to worry about as a manager, slightly less than an owner with less stress.  Leona is really looking forward to that!  He (BookMart) bought all the equipment from LJ's and so she doesn't have to worry about finding a home or storing that stuff and Leona already has the contacts made with the vendors for the supplies and such, so she is ahead with all that.  The opening date for the BookMart coffee shop is slated for mid-January.  So, I'll still have a place to hang out for a few hours and I'll know folks and it will feel familiar in some ways.


  1. Closing a door but opening a window...
    Groovius Maximus!


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