08 December 2007

'snot fun (pout)

a few nights ago, i started to experience an increase in post-nasal drainage, which irritates my throat and ears something awful.  i also had the chills and a fever (sounds fluish, but i had the flu shot).  fortunately, i didn't have the body aches and since i was in the gp's office yesterday to get the tetanus shot, i asked about the ear/nose/throat stuffs.  she thinks that something is triggering my allergies more so than my antihistamine can handle and not to worry.  last night, i drank jasmine tea til my molars floated and my throat felt much better, while i was drinking that is.  this morning, nothing is draining as it should so i have these big ole tears accumulating in my eyes (cuz the tear duct is clogged).

snot fun, no it's not.


  1. sorry dear.  Try a warm salt water via ear aspirator or hands up your nose. It's horrid, but it works.   Anne

  2. try some simple saline spray in the nose.  It's pretty cheap and you can find it next to all the other cold/allergy stuff.



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