15 December 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad

So after I saw my guy trundle down the road, then I called my dad.  Today he finishes his 61st year and starts his 62nd.  Seems just last month, he was 45.  But since I'm 37, I know that's not possible, now, is it?

Dad told me about his latest activities and next week's appointments at the VA in Fort Smith (Arkansas).  He talked about going to get another cord of wood for the upcoming cooler weather and how he was glad that they didn't get nailed with the ice to the north or the sleet to the west, but have only had the rain-slicked roads and muddy yards to mess with.  He told me about the special dinner that mom was making for his birthday.

He told me he loves me.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad! May he have many, many more filled with love and peace! (Hugs) Indigo

  2. My dad starts his 80th year in 2008.  THAT makes me feel so old.



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