20 December 2007

one last hat

I've packed the presents to take to my guy's family.  I've been knitting, crocheting, and looming for about a month now.  The baby's blanket; a preemie hat for her lil head and just in case her head isn't quite that lil, then a dolly can wear it and she can wear another hat that I made a size larger, along with a mini-baby scarf; hats for the older five children (ages 2, 5, 7, 8, and 8); four one pound bags of flavored whole-bean coffee (hazelnut, butter rum, pecan, aztec) for each of the households (my guy has two sisters (who are married, with children) and his mother, and lately his father has been attending family gatherings); and a bag with a note to remind myself to retrieve the bread (the pumpkin with raisins yeasted dough) from the freezer for everyone (two elongated loaves, a larger round loaf, and eight smaller round loaves).  I'm ready for the gatherings to begin!

Once I get this one last hat done.

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