04 December 2007

Personal Lubricant

Since I was so frank a few entries back, I thought I'd share my frustrations some more and also solicit advice (feel free to advise, suggest, comment, lament, observe, critique, moan, groan, whine, bitch, or sniff snottily).  For a very long time, I had lots of sinus problems and as a consequence had no idea what chicken tasted like (turns out it tastes suspiciously like chicken) til I was 16.  It also meant that I didn't have a sense of smell (Siella's or my own) for quite some time.  Now, however, I am very sensitive about scents and like some but find others extremely disturbing, nauseating, and repulsive.  Unfortunately, KY Jelly (and the generic house-brand equate personal lubricant) has a strongly off-putting smell that defeats the purpose of using the squishy slick slimy stuff in the first place.  Baby Oil (and other mineral by-products of that ilk) when used in high friction situations acts as an exfoliant of sorts with little weird curds that also seem to defeat the purpose of using the stuff in the first place.  It's hard to feel uninhibited when experiencing distasteful detractions like offal odors and pasty residue.  Decidedly unsexy.  AstroGlide is wonderful stuff, but it too has a lingering odor that I not only detect, but detest.

So, I'm open to input regarding suitably sensual personal lubricant.  Let the shock and awe commence.


  1. I have no shock and awe about this subject.  Or advice.  Although I can say that the 'woman of a certain age' phenomena seems to include not only dry skin but dry everything.  :::sigh:::

  2. Not shocked but I am awed by your chutzpah. My home state, North Carolina, just happens to be home to one of the most successful mail order sex toy businesses in the country, Adam & Eve. They've got a lot of great products including 100s of lubricants. I prefer a silicone based lube as opposed to water based. It has a more silky feely. There is one product that I personally like called Essentials Sylk Lubricant. (Sylk is not a misspelling.) It never gets sticky or gummy, and a little goes a long ways. This may or may not work for you but they have so many products that you might spot something else that works. They also have customer reviews of products to give you soem idea of how others rate the products. The web address is: http://www.adamevetoys.com/lubes-and-lotions-ch-646.aspx


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