18 December 2007


Remember last month's excitement regarding pattern making and skirt sewing?  Today and Thursday we are finishing up what we started back then.  Or that's the idea, tho I think some of us will need more time yet, or at least we want more time.  Actually, most of us were done and only a few of us showed up today.  The others have had experience with sewing, and everyone but me had brought their own machines.  I used one that they had there.  That was cool.

Last month, I was also involved in a purse-making class.  The class was cool, but for the woman who was determined to be a bitchy whiner; Joyce was her name and she was not amused.  Altho she had said that she would bring her own machine, she decided not to and then got very angry that they didn't have an extra for her.  She then got very pissy because I was not moving as fast as she'd like.

Well, today I cringed (oh, horrors!) when I saw her come in to the room, carrying a huge piece of fabric that was folded up.  I thought it was a blanket, but no, it was the fabric that she wanted to make her skirt from.  Now the amusing thing was that the class today was billed as being a continuation of the skirt making class from last month.  Joyce was irate because it was pointed out that she was not in the class last month and so missed the actual pattern making classes.

Joyce got loud, then louder, and finally loudest.  This did not endear her at all with the instructor who told her that no, the instructor couldn't just whip up a pattern for Joyce and that no, no one else could do so either.  And no, complaining to the supervisor would not help (altho she was welcome to try).  Finally, Joyce stomped off, and I swear the tension didn't ebb from the room; it fled in proportion to Joyce's retreat.


  1. I bet there are Joyce voodoo dolls in the underwear drawers of every member of her family!

  2. How about a Christmas tree skirt?   Anne

  3. I can't stand people like that. They expect everyone else to do their bidding and jump when they say jump. Glad she left, what an annoying personality. (Hugs) Indigo


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