02 December 2007


My guy has several interviews lined up over the next few weeks.  He has been fitted for a new suit and is having a blazer altered.  He also bought new dress shoes and a very nice tie.  New slacks have also been added to the wardrobe.  He has always been a sharply dressed man with good taste and sense of colors and styles.  He always looks better than I do, and I think that that is just fine.  Particularly since he is the professional and I am not.  When we do want to step out, we do make a striking couple.

There is an interview in Little Rock, Arkansas in several weeks.  This week, there is an interview here in Mississippi.  Next week, there is an interview in Augusta, Georgia.  I am certain there will be more scheduled over the next month.  I wish him all the warm wishes in the world.


  1. Sending out success vibes to him!


  2. So if he ends up moving to one of these places, are you going to go with him?

  3. Me too!  Good luck!


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