16 December 2007

Inner Snowy

Last year, I was visiting my friend Greta just before Christmas.  We always have so much fun, in huge part because she has such a quirky sense of wit that suits me just fine.  It's such a delight to be embraced and to be able to embrace.

Greta knows I drink tea so she had a stunning variety that she had acquired just so that I would have a choice.  She's wonderful like that.  So I was standing in her kitchen, getting a contact high from the myriad of tea blends that were wafting from newly opened boxes, when I saw a very curious oddity.

There, sitting on the sugar canister, was a stuffed snowman, a beanie baby named "Snowy", holding a note and looking for all the world as tho he were reading it.  He had a slightly bemused expression, as tho the sticky with Greta's writing brought him as much laughter as she did me.  I recognized her pen slashings, yet couldn't read it from my angle, because the note was situated for Snowy's little black shiny button eyes only.

Feeling like the snoop I was, I quickly peeked at the message.  "Keep an eye on the house" was Snowy's missive from Greta.  A clearing of the throat startled me, and I guiltily backed away from the counter, muttering that the stuffed snowman was sharing his orders with me, honest, he was.

Later that night, I entered my room to get ready for sleep.  Perched on my pillow was Snowy, with a new note.  This one said, "Watch over Debra".  I slept quite soundly under his vigilant eye.

The next morning, as I climbed into my car to leave, Greta handed me my present, saying, "we all need our inner Snowy."  It was my very own snowman (a beaning baby named Freezie) sitting inside a Santa mug, both wearing encouraging gleeful grins.  Only Greta would give me such an appropriately touching gift.

Freezie oversees my sessions here on the computer, sitting on the bookshelf just to my right.  I feel so safe, knowing that he approves, encourages, and applauds my every effort even when no one else does.  And he never melts away.


  1. What a great gift.  Maybe he'll offer great advise too!   Anne

  2. What a great gift.  Maybe he'll offer great advise too!   Anne

  3. Oh what a very  nice story and what a wonderful friend you have in Greta!

  4. What an awesome gift!  I need to find a Snowy.


  5. What a delightful story! I think I would of enjoyed knowing Greta. I hope Freezie's doing a great job watching over a dear friend of mine! (Hugs) Indigo


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