08 December 2007

Lillian's Last Project

You may remember that I had written about Mr. Charlie a few months ago.  Earlier this week, I entered LJ's Coffee and Bakery to find Mr. Charlie already seated waiting for me.  Leona is closing LJ's in less than two weeks, and we are all sorry to see the end of the business but we all have made lasting friendships and have been talking about where we can still meet up.  Mr. Charlie often drives to town specifically so that he can come to LJ's and chat with all the regulars.

So the other day, Mr. Charlie waves me over and asks me if I do needlepoint.  He was searching for a postage stamp last week and opened the center drawer on his wife's desk.  The last project she was working on when she had died was tucked away there, needlepoint canvas from Portugal featuring two lovely ladies in all their finery.  Mr. Charlie said that he thought of me straight off and I was so deeply touched that he would do so.

This afternoon, Mr. Charlie brought me a small bag and wiped his eyes quickly as he handed the needlepoint canvas with Lillian's needle pinned into place as though she set the work down only a few minutes ago while she fixed dinner for her husband.  I thanked him so much so that he grew rosy and pleased.  Theirs was truly a fascinating relationship that I am slowly uncovering, as Mr. Charlie feels fit to share, at his own pace, in his own way.

The cold medicine has kicked in and now is not the time to tell their tale.  But one day, I will.  Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later.


  1. This could turn into a wonderful holiday story...


  2. OH, I am so liking this story already and I am anxious to see how the needlepoint goes.


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