29 December 2007


Sometimes commercials provide more comic fodder than they intend.  My guy and I both latched on to an exclamation made by one of the weight-loss women.  "...the fat was just melting off and my husband says, 'look at you!!'" she screeches with ecstasy that is so commonly feigned by most manically smiling actors extolling the wonders of cleaning products, feminine products, laundry products, and other scented products.

The "look at you!!" cry is also common at holiday gatherings, luncheons, and other chance meetings we'd rather not engage in but have no choice but to acknowledge the other party's presence.  That falsely exuberant greeting grates on my ears, making me cringe even when it isn't intended for me.  The muscles in my face freeze and begin to ache and my jaw locks, and my ears bleed whenever I hear it.  Although, I admit, it is fun to crow:



  1. I heard that southern accent come out of YOU too!  haaaaaaaaaaaa   Anne

  2. I'm more familiar with "Looky here!"

    lllooooooooookeeeee heeeeeeeer


  3. I've never used this expression before and now I can't wait to see someone I know!

  4. Oh, it's used here ... all too often.  LOL

    Happy New Year Deb!

  5. Somehow I think that expression would grate on my nerves big time. Wishing you a wonderful, loving New Year all the year long. (Hugs) Indigo


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