13 December 2007

My Reservation at the Nutcracker Suite

Hello!  Welcome to my version of the nutcracker suite, were we are all nuts and crack up whenever possible.  C'min 'n' setta spell.  You know me, and I love to laugh, especially when it isn't at anyone's expense, not even my own.  Cuz my gov'ment check doesn't stretch all that far anyway, rent here is cheap, but not that cheap.  And ya know, there's the utilities and the upkeep, like toilet paper and other essentials.

To the right, I have a link to Dooce, a blog I read regularly.  Hell, sometimes I browse thru the archives; think of it like that extra dose of fiber that is needed to keep it all flowing smoothly here in the Suite.  She often has very cool stuffs and delivers it with a sharp wit, just like I like it.

Today, she wrote of something we all can identify with, either ourselves or someone we know and most often care about.  I'd like to send you all there on a field-trip of sorts, so thru the magic of the internet...POOF!  here we are!  Couldn'ta said it better myself.

But if you are too tired to travel, just plop down on the lovely fold-out-into-an-extra-bed-good-if-you-have-children-and-are-traveling-as-a-family here in my Suite, enjoy the popcorn I've made in the handy-dandy microwave, crack open a root-beer from the mini-fridge or have a cuppa pipin' hot tea I made in their coffepot and take a look-see at an excerpt from Dooce's entry of the day.

"I think many people are afraid that if they take medication or even agree to see a therapist that they are in some way admitting failure or defeat. Or they have been told by their boyfriend or their mother or their best friend that they should buck up and get over it, and that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Well then, let me be weak. Let me be a failure. Because being over here on this side, where I see and think clearly, where I'm happy to greet my child in the morning, where I can logically maneuver my way over tiny obstacles that would have previously been the end of the world, over here being a failure is a hell of a lot more enjoyable than the constant misery of suffering alone."


  1. Great blog.  I'd like a reservation for one, too!   Anne

  2. Correct!  Mental illness does NOT equal weakness or failure.  Revelations like that can take a lifetime to happen upon.  


  3. Sounds remarkably like something out of the Tao Te Ching...


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