22 November 2008

it's ALLlllllllllllllllll goooooooood

Memom is leaving tomorrow morning. This visit was so good; well most of our visits are~~it's just that this one went so fast and was jammed packed with all sorts of activities and friends and chit chats and wine and cookies and pumpkin breads and pumpkin rolls (o.m.d.g~~oh my droolin' gawdah). The pumpkin roll is similar to a jelly roll, but filled with cream cheese and other creamy goodness that makes your eyes roll into the back of your head with creamy bliss.

Yesterday, mom made a chicken in the crockpot with steamed veggies and that was good. The pickings went to the furrbees and they thought that was good. Then today mom used the rest of the chicken and made a creamy soup with lots of veggies and some angel hair pasta and (say it with me) that was good.

Now my freezer is just as jammed packed with all sorts of goodies as our week's visit was. So, I'm pretty much ready for the holidays. Folks will be receiving plates of cookies, creamy pumpkin pies, and lovely pumpkin breads {as per usual}. I'll also be including crocheted lapghans, hot pads, washclothes, dishclothes, scarves, hats, and such with gifts as I go visiting or entertain folks here, at my home.

I think that my friends realize how very special all of those homemade items are; but I have noticed that many folks who have no idea what all goes into them don't really appreciate them. My own observation is that because I crochet items quickly and move from one project to the next with seeming ease, that Scott never really "got" what handmade custom articles are worth. I know he never understood how cookies, breads, cakes, and pies were not only suitable but that most folks are smitten with these items to add to their festive tables. As a result, he would often degrade my efforts and dismiss my activities.

Oh well, his loss; on soOOOoooooo many levels.


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  1. Exactly right! Dam straight! And blather to those who have no idea. Well, maybe that's a bit strong of a reaction, but I know from my own handwork and hardwork how frustrating it can be when someone who just sits doesn't get it.


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