21 November 2008

hot pads! hot pads! gitcher one piece hotpads!

I've been whipping out these one piece hotpads which are nice and thick and double-sided for mom before she leaves to return to her home. These are all different sizes, different densities (as I used different sized hooks to see what was what), and different stitches. Rather, it's the same stitch (single crochet) but I chose to show the "wrong side" and the "right side" on different hot pads so that I could decide which I prefer.

The brown one turned out especially well, as I love the associated coffee and chocolate warmth that comes to mind. You can see both the front and back of that one, as I wanted to show the details. This is the seamed side, as you can see the raised diagonal line on the "front" (with the "wrong side" of the single stitch showing). The "right side" of the stitch is actually on the inside of the hot pad.

This pic shows the "back" of the same pad as shown above. These are quick and easy; fun to make!

A few folks may be getting these as Holiday gifts!



  1. You did an awesome job hon! (Hugs)Indigo

  2. My favorite hot pad is the one my mother crocheted for me, oh, over twenty years ago. Still use it for all the holidays!


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