20 November 2008

who's who? me, that's who!

It started while I was still in high-school. Continued thru-out undergrad. Then again during my master's program. And you got it! When I was working on my PhD. So now, I am not surprised to get on of these again.

Who's Who has lots of subdirectories that focus on specialized segments of the population. When I received my very first letter of invitation to apply for approval, I was so very excited. It seemed to be the crowning glory for my academic achievements as a senior and I was thrilled.

Then I started to read through things a bit more carefully and realized that not only do you have to pay to be included, but then you have to actually buy the book! What sorta honor is that? It smacks of ego stroking, sorta like vanity publishing; folks don't have to like you, cuz dude, you like yourself enough for all of us!

The one I received today takes the cake and provided for more than a few snickers and snorts; afterall, I got an entire entry's material of capering and jeering, whilst thumbing my nose {ala Tom Hulce's Mozart in Amadeus, if only I could imitate his hideously horrid high-pitched screeching giggles}. Cuz the opening line was too rich to keep to myself.

{ahem, *clearing throat* read in the most lofty accent *sniff.sniff*}

"You were recently appointed as a biographical candidate to represent Starkville, MS in the 2008/09 edition of Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women" {emphasis theirs}.

I think it is safe to say that I am many things, but at present? Executive and professional are not among suitable titles. Oh, those silly money-grubbing ego-stroking panderers. sigh, when will they learn that folks of true worth don't need to pay to see their names in print.

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