25 November 2008

there's a hole in my bucket, dear liza

Dudes! there is a hole in my gas tank. I know we all feel that our wallets have holes, that the gas tanks are siphoning gold straight from our pockets. But when I say that I gotta hole in my gas tank, I meant it literally.

So after only putting five or ten dollars worth of gas into my tank, keeping it well below the half-way mark, and doing this for weeks; I finally took my car to the fix-it dude and held my breath.

One thing that I really like about these fix-it dudes is that they take care of me in ways that are very courteous and never make me feel like I'm imposing. So the one dude boosted me into his truck's cab and drove me home cuz they didn't want me sitting in the hard plastic chairs and cuz I wanted to revisit my snuggly bed before the sheets lost the warmth of my snoozing body. Then, right as I was waking up, the other fix-it dude called to tell me what was what and how much it'd be to fix-it.

It's a huge lot. It's gonna take more than a straw to fix the hole, an axe to cut that straw, a stone to sharpen the axe to cut that too long straw, and water to wet the stone to sharpen the ax to cut that too long straw to plug the hole in the bucket, dear liza. One way or another that gas tank just sucks the money up. But! as memom points out, it'll cost less to fix-it than to buy another car.

it's all in how ya look at it.


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