04 November 2008

from my newbie post in the "book chat" group on Shelfari

newbie, me!

hi! i recently discovered shelfari and am glad to be here! i do not remember a time when i didn't read, altho i'm sure i was not born doing so. as a child, i'd read the cereal boxes, aloud. i'd read the road signs, aloud. i'd read ev.ree.thing, aloud. mom eventually got me to understand that she'd trust that i really could read, and didn't have to read aloud to convince her. i do love to reread certain books, and i don't really own as many books as i'd like to (but then again, who does?). i don't really understand how it is that someone could not like to read, altho i do know quite a few folk that fit that bill. bookmarks? well, it depends on what i'm reading and where. sometimes i use greeting cards or postcards that friends have sent to me. for awhile i used wallpaper strips, but some of those have gummy adhesive and that's not a great idea when paper is involved. sometimes i use the public library's check out list of due dates. there is a book of quotations that i have on the washer, in the bathroom, and i've been using a sheet of toilet paper (unused of course, cuz ewwwwww). i read everywhere. i used to read while commuting, but eventually i stopped doing that cuz it scared my passengers. grins, debra


  1. You know... I read Micheal Crichton's "Terminal Man" on the 12hour drive to meet Hurricane Emily at Nags Head back in 92...

  2. I love to read also...


  3. I read, read, read. Anything, anywhere, anytime.

    I used to make my family crazy. Now they all do it too. ;)


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