19 November 2008

girls' day with the girls

Well, yesterday was a full whirlwind of a day but one of the best afternoons yet. In the morning, Adria brought her girls out and while I went to town for an appointment and to run some errands; Mom helped the two lil girls measure, mix, and bake their cookies. When I returned home, it smelled so good with warm sugar and melted butter and melted chocolate chips. The girls were jumping about and smiling and bragging and crowing and talking over each other and mizzzz debRAH have one, have one, try one of mine first!

Kids are so fun, and it takes so little to make them happy and their burbling bubbling bursting giggles makes ya giddy just being around them. After a few hours of us all sitting on top each other, and moving around as tho we were executing some elaborate dance; the little snug space of my home began to seem too cramped for three visiting adults and two busy children. Just when I didn't think my home could be any more cozy, my friend Jacki came in with lots of ooooh and ahhhs and the girls got to share the cookies and the whole baking experience all over again.

Soon afterward, Adria and the lil girls left. The lil'st one was asleep before she was properly strapped into her seat. The eldest didn't last long after the tires began to sing on the pavement. Adria said that they both woke long enough to fill their dad in on all the fun before zonking out for the night.

Jacki had not met mom before, but she has wanted to for years; so she was thrilled to finally visit with her. We opened the remaining bottle of plum wine that Mom'd made and before long, we were all telling so many stories and laughing so hard that the dogs glued their noses to the window to gawk at the noisey capering women within. After Jacki left, mom and I settled into our jammies and made pizza and watched "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and an old episode of Law and Order. Both of us were up way past our bedtimes.

Now that I'm an aging woman, I gotta back off on the partying.

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