13 November 2008

i'm im'ing

Well, I finally made it to a coffee shop downtown where to my delighted surprise, I discovered yet another wunnerfullest thing about my rebuilt laptop...it has the wireless chip! So I can connect without yet another pesky ol' wire {yea! i'm all about saving the ports}. Whatta jaw-dropper, eh?

After I caught up with the proprietor (again, i apologize for letting so many months go by without coming in to read my reads and write my writes and drink my drinks and haunt my haunts; please accept my sorries! puhleeeeeeze. i beg of you {obviously, but here lately, i like stating the obvious, tis soooooooooooo reaffirming. and validating. and all that other self-talk stuff}) , I met the new barista {Andy, and he was just so very charming when called me "Miss Debra" with such respect, either I'm a great Domme, or a great Dame} and got my swe'tea wit a shot of blackberry and no ice kthanx.

Because I have dialup here at home (no digital nor broadband services are avail out here on the farm, I shit you not), I could not successfully download and install the software for the two instant messaging services I use. So since I was planning to visit with a friend and type her responses to some of her required paperwork (I type faster than I can talk, and that, my friends, is pretty damn fast) so that she won't get so confused and overwhelmed later, I thought to myself, "Self, whyn't I stop by the ol' coffee shop and download some stuff zippittee-zap fast?"

So, that's exactly what I did.

Yahoo! anci47 (cuz Anci was my name for years, and when I first signed up for Yahoo! Messenger I was working on my PhD and my student ID was dkb47, cuz dkb are my initials and i was the 47th dkb at MSU~~in hindsight, wasn't the best screenname cuz I'm not 47 nor was I born in 47 and that there 47 tends to confuse folks. but come to think of it, anci47 is a good screenname if for now other reason than it weeds out the morons. not all of them, but some)

AOL/AIM: dkb11161970 (cuz dudes, dkb are my initials and the numbers refer to my birthdate: 11/16/70. which means that this sunday i am another year older. well, that's not exactly true, cuz aging that year was gradual, like it took a whole year. not as tho it happens just all of a sudden, like POOF! ya were 37 and now, yer 38. no, what it really means is that I will have completed my 38th year and am about to embark on my 39th. and i think that is the pluperfect tense. i will have completed this coming sunday. ya just never know what sort of feats you'll find ri'icher on debra's dose)

come by and see me sometime {*wink*}


  1. Which means you have a B-Day coming up soon! Again. :::sigh::: When you reach my age, that's what you say. "Again?"

    So, we will find you at the coffee shop using wireless when you aren't busily working on your afghan?


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