07 November 2008

ALERT: Feed me, Seymour!

Now, I've tinkered with GOOGLE Reader over the recent years and have not been able to easily access it with reliability. I think it's cuz of my dial-up. So I had also started a FeedBlitz account so that I could get my alerts from those folks that didn't use AOL/AIM journals after the whole ad-banner debacle back a couple-few years ago. Over time, I'd forgotten I had that account cuz sometimes I don't really pay much attention to certain eMail. Oooohps.

So when all of us fled AOL/AIM journals and jumped onto the blogger/blogspot bandwagon, I poked about the service and discovered that not all the folks' new entries that I followed would show up in my dashboard. Eventually, we figured out that those employing the adult content filter were left off the dashboard all together. Damn, damn, and double damn. sigh. That means that all those adultly tart sites that I keep up with are left off the radar. Sorry, pear-dude.

There are all sorts of ways to go about fixin' this. The author can add your eMail address to their list. But they can only add ten addresses to that list and for folks that have a readership more than that, well, it'd become a pesky lil popularity contest that most of us would disdain on principle. You can subscribe to various feeds &/or other services that act as a faithful Rover without the slobber on your newsprint. You can remember to actually make the rounds, going to visit the blogs you like to follow. And I'm sure there are other options that I've not yet heard or thought of. But let's ignore those, shall we?

Which made me think of...hey! I already have an account with a service that will notify me of any new entries as they are posted! I will open my eMail's inbox and Poof! there the alerts will be. Gosh, I coulda had a V8 *slamming a virtual hand to my forehead*

Just in case ya didn't know, here is the link for FeedBlitz. It's free. It's fabulous. It's freakilicious.

Well, ok. Not freakilicious. It has no taste what so ever. And I like that.

{next up: i will change my linkees to a different shade so that ya can tell when i've activated a word instead of treating my entries like a freaking treasure hunt of sorts. or not. hint: click on the word FeedBlitz.}


  1. Well then, I've been wondering just how to list EVERYONE's entry alerts besides the dashboard and google reader ... and I tried Bloglines but I can't get beyond signing in. LOL

    I'm such a technoramous. So now I might consider ... uh ... Feedblitz(?) if I every find smoe more time.

    In the meanwhile, on Saturday at some point during the day I go down my blog read list and see who has posted that I haven't been to see.


    Keep reminding myself: Change is good.

  2. The only one I'm having trouble with is Russ's journal yet....Hmmm have to remember to pay him a visit later. I've got the feedblitz on my journal now. (Hugs)Indigo


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