14 November 2008

onehundredunderonehundred and then some

This afternoon, I went to the Greater Starkville Development Partnership's artists' reception for the show "100 under 100" {100 pieces of art, priced under 100 bucks}. There were wonderful people and wonderful artwork and wonderful food. I never ever thought I would say this and those of you who know me well may be shocked! beyond endurance, but...I think I had way too much sugar and ended up tossing my plate with a few cookies {literally; there were some pfeffernuss remaining on my art deco plastic plate that were just too much powedery sugar, I mean, I coulda choked on all that dustiness}. My fave foods were the chocolate dipped strawberries and the carmel and chocolate drizzeled prezels. I am only slightly less fixated on food than I had been. Progress is pithy.

The artwork was wonderfully diverse. There were sculpture, photography, oils, acrylics, multimedia, pencil, charcoal, etc. I met some of the artists; but the most fun I'd had were with my friends' little girls. Adria takes great clean lined pictures and then sketches based on them. Since her subject material tends to be children, this makes sense. One of her sketches shows a little girl holding her hat on her head so it wouldn't blow away while she is looking down while skipping across a puddle. That little girl is now nine and not so lil anymore. Another was of lil tiny feet with corn pebble toes sticking out from under a blanket. The feet {and toes} belong to me lil'est friend (showcased in many entries here) who is now not the baby with the tiny toes, but is four (and a half, mizz debRAH).

One artist had such cool perspective that it was great to sit and talk with her. She uses her kittens as her inspiration for her pen work. Of special note was one piece drawn as tho from a mouse's perspective, looking out her home's hole at the portion of the cat's face and eye while Kittye sat waiting for the mouse to venture too close, within paw's reach.

But my fave was a grouping of work by a woman (who was not present) whose name I've forgotten {sigh. i think it was jeanette, or janette, lorman, or norman. ratz} but whose subject matter included some of my favorite objects: trees, leaves, tea cups, and swirls. Very simple, with lots of rich colors and wow! were they wonderful! I will get her name right, next time I'm in town. I thought I'd remember it.

musta been the sugar talking

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  1. There's such a thing as too much sugar? I had no idea!
    The art show sounds fabulous. I could stand more art in my life. No shit.
    Have fun with yer Ma.


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