08 November 2008

kickin' it, southern style

Today was such a good day! Lemme tellya alllllllllll about it. mmK, first, I woke up and drove myself down to the clothing give-away at my counselor's church. You'd think since I got there at 6:35am, only five minutes past the start of the event, thaat I'd've been one of the few there. You'd think wrong. There were so many people there that I just stood in the corner for a few minutes, gawking at several not-so-subtle fights, tug-o'-wars, and hissed fits. I refuse to scrabble amongst garments (or anything else), snatching them from the claws of others. If they want the articles that badly, I concede; no contest.

Since I do have an adequate closet at the moment, I mostly went thru the dresses, skirts, and dressy things. I did find a few things that just screamed "debRAH, ohhhh, DEBraaaa...you want me, you know ya do". After chatting with a few friends who organize the bi-annual event, and holding the lovely cute baby (who was the recepient of one of my baby mats), I drove to visit my friend Jacki for the required fashion-show.

One dress that I absolutely love was surprisingly long (I'm about 5'6"ish or 5'7"ish), puddling over my shoes and making me wonder if I had eaten any Alice cakes (or was it the drink she sipped that shrunk her down?). I mean the dress was sorta hippy-ish (go ask alice, i think she'll unnerstant) and that's part of its charm that captured my attention in the first place. Also for some odd reason, my breasts were smashed, overflowing the square cut bodice in an amazingly abundant display. Perhaps the designer made this dress for a tall willowy thin no-chested woman. I got curves. But I still like the dress.

There were a few denim tops that are very cute on me and one of them goes with a long rayon dress that is summery, but I'd worn it this afternoon when Jacki and I went out to eat. Another find was a very nice wool-blend navy fitted skirt. Very sophisticated.

I also did something which I've not done before: got second-hand shoes. My feet are not tiny, but they are small, with very high arches. I have trouble finding shoes that fit. I like shoes that have a bit of a heel on them, they make my pelvis/hips and lower back feel much better (odd as that sounds). But usually, I can't find dress shoes, or sandles, or actually any sort of footwear, that allows room for my high arch to fit into the shoe/boot without being so wide or several sizes larger. SO imagine my surprise when I found a great pair of leather Naturalizer's that fit perfectly!!! wahoo!

So while I was at Jacki's, we got to talking and she remembered that the other day I'd been complaining about my upper right shoulder crimping and spasming. While I was in and out of various outfits, I'd grimaced a few times. Jacki got her oils and her pallet and discovered that my entire right side from the waist up is knotted and knurled and in spasm. Alternatively, my entire left side from the waist down is in the same condition. So after a wonderful massage, she buried me under lots of warm swaddly cuddly feather ticks and cotton sheets and I slept the blissful sleep of a happy baby.

I woke wonderfully refreshed and my day continued to be fabulous. Jacki and I went for a lovely chinese dinner, with great conversation, laughs, and fabulous friendship. She treated and I drove.

Now, I'm home, freshly showered with a hot mug of tea at hand. All the clothes are put away, the shoes are scrubbed clean and treated. It's been a great day, whatta way to spend a Saturday. Grins.


  1. Sound the perfect day. Can you send Jacki here please?

  2. Yes Yes! Jacki must go on tour!


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