19 November 2008

yer'n class, our'n class, their'n class

After groggily stumbling thru a shower, I joined my mother in the kitchen before we left for the day's activities. We drove into town, to the new coffee shop "The Little Building Cafe", for a pear preserve muffin and some brew. The cafe is very eco friendly and quite innovative in some nifty ways. All the foods they use are grown within a hundred miles of here, so the coffee? Alabama beans!

Then, we went to Adria's stamping class. We made some pretty nifty gift boxes and frames and visited with the lil girls. The eldest sold all her cookies so she has some money toward her camping trip and feels pretty proud of herself {and well she should!}. The lil'st was sorta cuddly and curled up in mom's lap for awhile, and then climbed up into mine. Her mom told her that they came to our class yesterday {the girls are homeschooled and with all the measuring and such, it was a fun filled field day for them}, so now we came to her class today. The lil'st thought that sounded good and so she asked what we all were gonna do tomorrow, mizz debRAH?

I don't know about all y'all, but I'm gonna sleep in!

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