27 November 2008

and then came the winged monkeys

This getting up, dressed, and to the store by 3a is ridiculous and I can say that I have never joined in the Black Friday shopping craze. Nor have I ever been tempted to do so. In fact, I think that I don't even know any one who does. At least, not knowingly do I know anyone who feels the need to strap on their magical shoes and sally forth to do battle with other crazed zealous hunters of marked up bargains.

There are a few folks I know who are mavens of fashion, bargains, or both. I myself must be of a particular mindset to engage in the storm of sales, and that mindset doesn't occur often. Certainly not when I know the entire retail world is primped and posed for action, much like a strumpet strolling on a Saturday night, pitching her wares to the eager beavers quick to snatch perceived buys, Buys, BUYS!!

So I'll be snuggled down in my cozy comforter, dreaming of sugared plums, yellow brick roads, flying pigs, and other elements of legends tomorrow at 3a.

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  1. I'll be snuggled down a thousand miles away or so from you ... and dreaming of left over turkey and yummy sandwhiches. Heck with shopping. Who needs it?


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