06 November 2008

'tis a nonagram comin' atcha

I thought I'd share a portion of my latest crochet piece. It only took a few hours, this evening, cuz I was tinkering about with it. Since my webcam is not working, I scanned it in and selected just a bit cuz dude! my scanner is not indefinitely large enough to show the whole thing. It's a simple pattern, using double crochet as the predominate stitch. I used thread, instead of yarn. Perhaps it will make a good washcloth, dishcloth, or even a doily of sorts.

I'm fond of this pattern and have adapted it to various sizes and yarns/threads and number of sides. I like the solidness of this versus clusters like a traditional granny square technique. Image this as a larger size, with bernat's softee chunky, and you have a wonderful baby blanket which can be spread on the floor and used as a baby mat instead. Easily washable and the perfect size/shape for an infant not yet crawling but able to push themselves up far enough to scruch about some. Since babies are popping out left and right, my friends are finding these to be just the ticket. I can usually kick them out fairly quickly and so have been making a kabillion of them all summer and fall.

This one is the focus of the last entry.

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  1. Well, you know Deb, your friends will hang on to these forever too ... we have a number of handknit and hand chroceted baby blankies packed away for future use ... the handmade ones are just the best gifts ever.


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