16 November 2007

yarns and tall tails

i have just enough time to give a quick jot before i jump thru the shower.  i drove to columbus (the east side of the golden triangle, starkville is the west, and uhm west point is the north...go figure), to a yarn shop where the owner had a beautiful store with lots of breathtaking stuffs but no circular crochet hooks nor did she have tunisian extended cables.  she did however attempt to sell me several knitting needles.  now, i could understand some confusion amongst non-knitters (-crochet'ers); but, if you own a yarn store (called "the yarn store") then the difference between knitting needles and crochet hooks should be well-known.  i'm just sayin.

i ended up driving to tupelo to the hobby lobby and they did have a fascinating array of needles and hooks; even had one extended cable crochet hook (i snatched it up, MINE!!) and several double-ended crochet hooks (albeit no connecting cord~~which would make them circular~which is what i wanted).  but this weekend, i'll show my guy the websites with the interchangeable crochet hook/cable/end kits.  drool drool drool

also while i was there, i had a few questions and the employee in the yarn section was more than willing to be extremely helpful (whatta treat!).  she was crouched down stocking the bottom shelves and when she rose, she rose, and rose and rose til i was craning my neck back (i'm 5'7", no shrimp).  and she was wearing this cool mini skirt (which was probably quite modest on other women, of average stature) and it took all i could do to keep from gawking (whatta tall cool drink she was!).

ok, gotta get ready for an evening out.  my guy, whatta guy, sigh.

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  1. Yes, the owner of a yarn shop should know the difference.  LOL


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