12 November 2007

knitter's cramp

i have no idea if that's an actual term; but dude, it oughta be.  i spent the weekend knitting and baking and listening to audio books and vetting my guy's applications, essays, cover letters, etc etc etc.

this morning, we put some packets together; and he drove off to oxford.  this sometimes worries me, cuz he has had a very exhausting time of it.  so this means no sleep for him and just a shower to wake himself up, and then drive up to the uni so that he can conduct a research seminar.

i get to go to sleep.

anyway, after my shower, i realized that my right hand is swollen and a bit cramped.  frozen into one position which is reminiscent of a mitt.  and now i have a lovely network of bruising that is surfacing under my skin.  like a map of back-ass dirt swamp roads out this way.

perhaps i need to ease up and stop trying to manhandle those needles into forcing that yarn into loops and such.


  1. Hey, not THAT's some serious knitting you're doing over there!

  2. Depends, are your fingers swollen, or generally always cold? Does it seem to hurt from the wrist along the back side of your hands? If yes to these two questions, you may have an early onset of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I have it bad in both wrist. Normally when it's bad I have what I call my metal wrist. Wrist guards that look like air cast. After wearing them for a bit, the feeling usually comes back to my fingers and wrist. (Hugs) Indigo

  3. Nah!  Just ice pack it!


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