23 November 2007

sleepy friday

yesterday went very fast, it was too late for me to bake anything and it was just a tad too late for me to finish the baby-girl blanket.  so my guy whisked me to walmart to buy a plush swirled pink baby girl blanket with satin lining.  he hugged me and told me that he would love to see me finish the blanket, to take my time and not rush.  then we drove to tupelo to visit his sister, who was hosting the dinner.  his mom had made all the dishes, and took them over there.  it was a good visit, with almost as many children as adults.  and his other sister is newly pregnant.  i got to hold the baby-girl (the only girl among an extended family of lil boys) for a long time, she is so very tiny (only six pounds, even at four weeks; and she was full term!).  my guy asked me if i wanted one (thankfully when there was no other adult around).

today has been a sluggish day of laundering and dish washing and crocheting and audio books and such.  my guy is off trekking in the woods, and i am feeling sleepy (nappish) but i don't want to snuggle down because i don't want to mess up my sleep schedule.  mom is coming to visit, and it helps if i am able to wake up first thing in the morning with her and spend some quality time.  she is coming tomorrow and after an eight hour drive, i expect to see her in the afternoon.

i hope every one is having a good weekend and don't be overly alarmed if you don't see me around much.


  1. Not see you around much?  I won't be alarmed if it's not TOO long of a break.


  2. Enjoy if you are going to be busy .Look forward to reading when you come back soon OK!! Glad to read you ahd a good time.Take Care God Bless Kath
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  3. There is such beauty and innocence in a newborn child. So what exactly was the answer you gave to wanting one yourself? I think you would make a terrific mother. You have such a loving spirit. Glad to hear the holidays went off well for you without a hitch. Your in my thoughts dear friend. (Hugs) Indigo


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