15 November 2007

imma baboon's ass

cuz i'm so colorful.

earlier today, i called to see if julieta (the seamstress who gave instructions on pattern making and skirt sewing) might be able to meet with me at some other time to help me finish up my skirt and explain a few things.  i knew she was in the purse-making class and since i also know that kim (the seamstress who gave instructions on purse making) is in my pattern/skirt class, i'm fairly certain that julieta will pass the info on to kim and others in the third session of the purse class.  i was finally able to get some sleep, solid rest, and knew that i needed much more and wanted to take advantage of the ability to sleep while i could.  sleep is something that eludes me at times, even with meds and sleep aids that may work for me at other times.  so when i am short on sleep and it is becoming a dangerous matter, then i know that if i am able to sleep than i must choose it over other activities (like third-purse making class).

thanks for the encouraging remarks to all these new activities and projects of mine.  venturing into unknown territory can be fun, even if i am anxious (to tell myself that there is no reason to be anxious is hurtful for me and it seems to be better for me to acknowledge that i might be anxious, but that i can go ahead and do it anyway, cuz it might be fun).  i've been experimenting with knitting stitches and ripping them out and reknitting (when frogging~~rip it, rip it, rip it~~i don't waste yarn, cuz i'm reusing it.  and i feel better about the advances i make, the improvement, and the satisfaction of doing a better job).  i'm also reminding myself to manipulate the needles with a looser grip (this is a habit i developed as a child, to hold tight so that i could retain control over the spoon, knife, pencil, crayon, pen, crochet hook, knitting needles, mugs' handles, cups, etc.  most of the time, i can ease up with constant reminding but when attempting a new thing, i feel a pressure and choke up on the knitting needle, like it is a bat that i am using to attack the ball and knock it out of the park ~~~homerun! the crowd goes wild!).  that explains the cramping of my right thumb and index finger.  so i'm relaxing a bit; i'll force myself to relax, dammit!!

so i finally got journals up and loaded when i noticed that my posts' titles are a blue that clashes with the green format i have chosen.  then, i noticed a buncha other lil things that journals now have.  how could i not?  the orange arrowed "NEW" labels and maroon "add/manage writers" next to the NEW feature under journal title and within description area and the lil calendar icon (archives) and the lil alarm clock icon (manage alerts); all screamed colorfully as a baboon's ass.

a blue, maroon, orange, icon'd baboon's ass.

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  1. baboon's ass.  My goodness, you are colorful today!  Must be all the stitching and bitching.  LOL!!!


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