03 November 2007

where have all the flowers gone,

girls have picked them every one.~~folk song of same name, by Pete Seeger and Joe Hickerson (also first to record KumBaYa), after Senator McCarthy interrogated them (1956; McCarthyism); song gained popularity thru-out the 60s, sung at peace rallies

Earlier I was researching, describing, and selecting a wide array of flowers for my friend who just got engaged and will be marrying at the end of Jan, beginning of Feb.  I couldn't simply paste a pic into eMail, since my friend is blind and that would be defeating the purpose.  so there i am, describing petals and leaves without waving my arms around to help you visualize my words (and to help me speak, cuz ya'll know i can't just say something without keeping my fingers and arms busy.  i contort my face and mouth words silently as i type, fingers flying almost as fast as i can talk.  when i am talking with my guy, i often am driving, or knitting, or crocheting and keeping my fingers and hands occupied.  if i were tied up, i would be rendered speechless.  pervs.  wink)

her sister had sent her a list of winter wedding flowers and a list of year-round wedding flowers.  it's from those lists that i then reviewed the selections.  below is an excerpt of what i had to say in my email to my friend:

these are *only* suggestions, k?  you won't hurt my feelings at all if you go with  something different.  i made the suggestions so that you might have a smaller range of options and not feel so overwhelmed, but if you like something entirely different, it is *your* day and you should make it special for you!!

my top choices for bouquets:  winter wedding flowers~~ Ranunculus (fave of bunch for you), sweet pea (fave of bunch for *young maid of honor, her 11 yr old daughter*); camillas; daffodils; tulips; year-round~~calla lily is tres chic, very elegant with no other accompaniment other than a simple bouquet of long stems of these (for you);  lily of the valley (for
*young maid of honor, her 11 yr old daughter*);  gladiolus might be a good choice for you, if you'd like lots of color with a friendly familiar flower (might be too large for the girls)

perhaps the flower girl can have petals of a mixture of larger scented blooms, or very small individual blooms in a basket;  i was at one wedding that gave the flower girl a basket of confetti to toss and one that used a mixture of bird seed and rice (i know those are traditional for after the ceremony)  sometimes, the flower girl has a small simple bouquet and does not toss anything (saves on clean up and also can keep a small child on task, instead of having lots of stuff to remember)

maybe if you did calla lilies for your bouquet, you could do lily of the valley for your hair-piece, katie's bouquet, and the flower-girl's.  just an idea.


  1. Does your friend prefer or dislike a certain flower's scent?  That's the route I'd go.


  2. Just ran by to say hello! Hope everything is going well :)


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