06 November 2007

vote! and whatta day!

this will be short, cuz i've sleep on my mind.  i didn't get my full nap.  i had just assumed the comfy position of hips splayed and left knee under chin, my left arm wrapped around my baby-pillow and my right arm straightened under my head, my head turned sharply at a 45 degree angle so that my throat is elongated just so (to maximize my breathing potential, see).  i find the best way to get into this comfort zone (others eat oatmeal cookies and drink warm milk, i contort my body, it's all about comfort) is to flop onto my belly and then sprawl into pose while in the second bounce.  if i do this just right, the covers flutter down just like those laundry detergent commercials.

my alpha waves were beginning to suck me down deeper into snoozing, about to dump me into drooling dreaming sleep.  i heard a nasally honk and bounded out of bed, heart racing, pleading, "screw the cap on, for god's sake, screw the cap on" (maybe i was dreaming about gas stations and the rising cost of gas and escaping gas fumes; that or leaking pens).  i stuck my head out the door, then remembered that my postal-dude doesn't need to see me in my whites (in fact, he asked me not to greet him in my panties, and wanting to be of service to the postal service, i agreed; i'm an easy-going people-pleasing gal).  so i stuck my "wait a minute" finger out the door and set off to the bathroom in search of my pants.

by the time i made it out the door, my postal-dude had placed my package and day's mail in my car and was pulling back onto the dirt road (he does have a schedule to keep, ya know, thru rain, sleet, and snow.  today was bright sunny blue and sorta warmish, still that's no excuse for being late, the show must go on).  for those of you who remember walter and bonnie, you may also remember that walt has died in april, and that bonnie doesn't do much of anything on the computer (and certainly not anything online).  so between bonnie's avoidance of the computer and my avoidance of the phone, we rely on the age-old form of communication; hand-written notes amongst tea bags, dog treats, and colored pencils~all delivered thru the US Postal Service (gotta love america, where the postal rate increases on a twice-yearly schedule that seems outrageous (.41?!?!?) til viewed from the gas per gallon perspective (oh whew, 41 cents), perspective, it's allllll about perspective).  bonnie is my furrbee's faerie goddess.  they are so spoilt.

because the postal-dude usually goes around 3ish (but on friday last went around 4:30), i was slightly panicked with the realization that i didn't have much time to run my errands (get drugs, drop off books/renew domiKnitrix, brave the campus curves and pedestrians to get to the registrar's office to pick up another transcript for my guy, pay my electric bill at the new office on the highway (it's been there for a year, but it is still new), pump a few gallons gas into my car, and pay the garbage bill at the old bank (which is not considered the garbage place yet, it's only been 5 yrs, after all); then make my five-ish appt); so I rushed around, hacking a brush in the general direction of my head and strapping on a bra (hideous things, i threw this one away when i took it off tonight, i felt like i was on a half-shell and spilling out with profusion, my cuppeth diddith runneth overeth majorly), then jumping into the car.

i then ran all my errands as quickly as i could, never realizing that my car's clock was not 2 minutes slow, rather was 58 minutes fast.  so when i arrived at my 5ish appt at 4:30ish, gasping out apologies for being so late; well, they just took my odd behavior in stride, cuz i'm uhm odd.

later, when i did get home, my landlady had called to leave a message and i got all panicky again (see the pattern here?  i get panicky lots) and called her, expecting the worst, like maybe they sold the farm and i had to find another home cuz the new owners were planning to burn the trailer (blight that it is).  instead my landlady told me that the king sized featherbed that she had that her husband (i love you, mr landlord!) detested and that i wanted for my guy's king sized bed (cuz my guy does like my queen sized feather bed on my queen sized bed; so i think it is a pretty safe bet that he will like one sized for his very own bed) was cleaned and ready for me!!  oh yes!  oh happy day!  oh blissful night!  or wonderous wonders!!

so i grabbed seven bags full of yarn and half completed projects (or half begun projects, perspective it's allllllllllllll about perspective) and drove down the dirt road to the Big House with much glee and cheer (or was that the no-sleep, extra dose of meds?).  so i just now got home from a crochet lesson (pretty good trade, huh?) with a very fluffy backseat.  i thought about sprawling out in my car tonight, but decided that oddness ought only to go so far.

besides, sleeping in my car is so 2001.


  1. I hate bras too.  Never had one that didn't make me feel like my eyeballs were gonna go shootin' across the room by the end of the day...

  2. I have a very definite sleeping ritual as well.  Too complicated to detail here...



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