08 November 2007

what if...?

in a few minutes, i'm heading into town to attend the pattern/skirt-making class.  i'm looking forward to it.  i'm also a smidgen nervous.  lots of  'what if's  pouring in, but the thing is that those are things that will either be answered today, or in the second part of the class.  so either way, the questions will be answered only by attending and participating.  so there's that.

the other thing is that i've had a ton of words come pouring outta me, and now i need to give them structure.  close to 140 thousand words, some recurrent thoughts; but those things will make much more sense when i have a chance to edit revise edit revise edit and rewrite.

more later.

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  1. Enjoy the class. When your ready with your ton of words, I'll be waiting to hear the results. (Hugs) Indigo


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