04 November 2007

...why oh why am i not surprised...?

mom is not here.  last evening, she sent me email (i abhor phones and avoid them when i can) telling me that the guys determined that her brakes need new shoes (and socks, mom's crocheting them now).  they lamented that they don't have the equipment to replace them, so she must go to the shop to have them done.  also that means that they will be done correctly and with warranty.  i'll sleep better knowing this is driving with brakes that have been put on by the professionals (albeit a slow-blinking, slow-speaking, slow-thinking one or group of ones~~that'd be four or more), mechanics who know their stuff and gosh darnit, i like em!

so, we will try the whole mom-visits thing again, at the end of the month.  which means that the 15 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of sugar, 5 dozen eggs, 3 pounds shortening, 2 pounds butter, and half a pound of yeast (along with a myriad of other baking ingredients) will be used by my lil ole self.  i've decided to venture into unchartered territory, cuz i'm brave like that.  actually, i'm not; but the siren songs of all the pounds of fattening stuffs sings thru my bloodstream, keeping me awake and visions of sugared scones are dancing thru my head (they are nonfattening there, in my head).

i've decided scones are just the ticket.  and bread; harvest bread and dinner rolls will be my contribution to my guy's family's thanksgiving.  and of course there are the reliable standards of my holiday baking, cookies!  lots and lots of cookies will come from my oven between thanksgiving and christmas.  you feed the oven creamed buttery sugar with eggs and flour and it gives you cookies!!  i can smell em now.

or that could be my sugar-cookie scented candle.


  1. A candle that smells like sugar cookies??  My mom would have LOVED one of those!  


  2. Brakes done by professionals definitely sounds safer. Your making me hungry just listening to you talk about baking. (Hugs) Indigo


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