06 November 2007

swilling soda, snorting powder

the temperatures today were a bit cooler than they have been, but so very nice.  the sky was a bright blue (which seared my eyeballs), the breeze playfully kicked leaves up in swirls (which activated decayed organic matter and distributed the microscopic spores into the air, making it much easier for them to invade the tender swollen irritated tissues of my sinuses and lungs, ahhhhhhh fall), and it was just so beautiful outside (which is why i burrowed beneath my covers and took a nap).

since i have an entire dresser top of baking supplies (why yes, my dresser is in the kitchen; isn't yours?), including peanut butter and two bunches of nicely ripening bananas; i decided to bake some bread.  now this isn't bread as in yeast bread, it is bread as in quick bread.  quick breads are those cake-like loaves which do not rely on yeast as the leavening (rising) agent.  quick breads rely on soda (baking) and/or powder (again, baking.  many partiers rely on soda and powder to get a rise out of things.  i myself before tea and do not like to snort powder (but do in the form of decayed leaves and sticky pollens; oh! and dust).

the bread is now baking and the smell is so good, i could slice it and eat it right now.

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  1. I also love squandering a beautiful day by sleeping through it!  We're rebels!



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