02 November 2007

a few lessons

there is a local program and center called Emerson Family First Resource Center that hosts many other sorts of workshops and sessions, including Healthy Marriages, Healthy Kids (which hosts other programs in turn, including Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University).  With all the nesting of programs within programs, it can get confusing; fortunately, they don't stress that (but I do, cuz I like to know who is doing what and why, i'm just nosy that way).  Also, every month, Family First hosts a series of classes for that month.  Sometimes they're more serious (Eating Healthy) and other times they are more fun (stamping creative classes).  Usually you need to pre-register, so that they have an idea how many folks will be there...cuz the classes are FREE and they usually serve sandwiches or something if the class is during lunch or supper hours.  AND they provide child-care while you are in class, FREE.  (gasp)

So, this morning, I called and pre-registered for several classes:  pattern and skirt making; purse making; disability educational support group; i'm ok, you're ok (self-esteem); and how to relax with clay.  That's alot of classes, but there is a method behind my madness.  See, usually I get more anxious and more depressed during the holidays.  One reason is because folks will ask what I'm up to lately and I have a hard time thinking of stuff that makes sense.  So I figured if I schedule things to get me out of the house (and away from my bed) then I might feel better.  Especially since these projects are finite and there is a feeling of accomplishment when I can bring home something I've made, like a skirt, a purse, knowledge that leads to conclusions.

And also there is something about feeling better about myself that makes dealing with others (esp those folks at the holiday gatherings) easier; I feel more confident and more at ease and it comes thru.  I think not only am I more comfortable, but i think others are more comfortable with me.

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