01 November 2007

Last Wed, 24 Oct, my guy's sister delivered a little girl.  She's the only girl baby amongst all boys in my guy's family.  Well, my guy has two sisters, but I mean in their families, it's all little boys.  Anyway, my guy comes from a family of little people.  His sister (A) who is a few years younger than we are, is 4'8".  His mother is 4'10.  And his other sister (B), the baby, is 5 foot.  So my guy is the largest one of the lot.  He stands about my height, 5'6" or so.  Both sisters are married and have children.  Sister A's husband is 6'2" and they make a striking couple; so much so that their wedding photographer uses their pictures for promotion purposes!

So I asked my guy if he knew any of the stats (he has been very busy, so I wasn't expecting him to remember much of anything; I reminded him that Sister A was pregnant and due sometime really soon, the weekend before she delivered).  He didn't remember but said that he spoke with his mom and his sister and they both said that Baby Girl is very small.  Yes, I'd imagine so.

It's been a long time since I've seen a little baby.  Three was a ten pound newborn.  And Sister B's youngest was small yes, but average for a newborn.  I'm really looking forward to seeing Baby Girl.  I know the name that they were considering, but I'm not sure if that's what they decided on.  I hope so because it really is pretty and we all have been referring to her for months now by the name!

Well, I stopped at Wal-Mart today and picked up two skeins of soft pink baby yarn (super soft, but not all fuzzy) so I can do a baby-blanket.  I've already got several rows done.  I knew that Sister A was to deliver when she did and that the baby was a girl, but I was kinda hesitant for a couple reasons.  One is that Sister A has had miscarriages in the past, and I didn't want to jinx anything.  That may seem silly, but I just didn't want to take the chance.  And another reason I held off is cuz Sister A is particular.

I didn't want to make something that she wouldn't end up using.  I like to make things people like and want to use.  But I didn't want her to feel like she has to use it, if she doesn't want to.  So I was sorta waffling on making anything.

I'm not tremendously close to my guy's family.  I've been able to relax more around them, this year than the last few.  But we only see them half a dozen times a year, even tho they only live an hour away (from either of us).  His nephews have never not known me, I've been around as long as any of them remember.  One of his nephews remembers my guy's ex, but he isn't sure what happened to her (kids don't really worry about that stuff; like we think they might; they take tons in stride).

Anyway, I decided to do a variation of the Tunisian stitch, which looks like stockinette (a common knitting stitch that you see lots of sweaters in).  It's thick and soft and doesn't have lots of loops that babies might get their fingers caught in.  I'll edge it in a simple single crochet and might make several passes so that it increases the blanket size and still looks tasteful.  I really want to do a good job that she will like.

But I do realize that she might not like it and that I shouldn't pin lots of hopes on that.  I also shouldn't worry too much about her reaction, cuz to her it might be just another blanket.  The point should be for me to do this cuz I want to and never mind whether she likes it, uses it, or what her reaction may be.  Yeah, I know that.  But I really want her to like it, use it cuz she wants to, regardless of how I should feel about it all.

Sorry that my entries haven't been a barrel of witty laughs of late.

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