20 November 2007


today, i went to the library and got some audio books (cuz i am crafting and can't read while stitching).  while i was there, i sorted thru the bread books and chose the "prairie home breads" by judith fertig (cuz the bread bible was out) to read thru.  at walmart, i selected more yarn and got some needles and hooks.

i've been feeling very odd today; sweats, then that eerie wired trembling with raised goose-flesh and tightened thrumming nerves with the boiling blood that makes my mouth flood with saliva and my stomach tighten, my throat locks up and then i begin to choke.  it'll back off, then come out of nowhere fast and hit like a friggen convulsion.  i feel like a junkie needing a fix.  probably look like it too, if the librarian's reaction was any indication.  and i was feeling fine then.

i may call my gp tomorrow.  please don't let it be a med adjustment, i can't deal with that right now.  please.


  1. Yeah...you need to see the doc.  Must take care of you!  You are important to me!
    wait... did you say you got an AUDIO book from your LIBRARY about BREAD?  As in a nonfiction bread book by the name of "Prairie Home Breads."  OMG! WHERE DO YOU LIVE?

  2. Hope you are soon feeling better and Wednesday proves a better day for you.Take Care God Bless Kath
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  3. Sounds like you may have had a panic attack -- they are all different in different people.  Hope the doc can help.


  4. Blessing and Prayers are being sent your way. Please call your GP and make an appt soon to find out what it might be.

    I hope this clears up quickly and that you and your family will have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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