17 November 2007

last night, i wore a sweater dress that i had gotten from the spring clothing giveaway and we ventured forth to sushi on main.  it was a bit louder than we would have liked, but that's more and more the case (cuz we're old folks with old ways, ya know).  the food was good, and we were glad that it wasn't all about presentation (altho the presentation was nice, it is better that the food was good is what i mean).

we also went to see beowulf last night.  awesome movie and was really something.  my guy and i debated staying on in the theater and seeing another movie (but in the end decided not to do so).  i liked seeing my guy relax and the movie seemed to do the trick for him.

i've had a minimal amount of familiarity with beowulf; having attempted to read various versions over the years and not getting very far.  my guy, on the otherhand, read it at the age of 12.  he also has read (understood and can explain) many of the classics in literature (like homer's odyssey and shakespear's plays and dickens).  he doesn't get high-handed and lofty about this and is often reluctant to share, cuz he fears that others think he is being snobbish.  it probably doesn't help that i gawk at him in confusion when he recites lines and entire passages.  it isn't cuz i don't like poetry and legends, quite the opposite.  i do like it, it's just difficult for me to follow along.  i have to hear it, just a little at a time, so i can translate and interpret the meaning (i'm like that with southpark tho, so it has little to do with arcane language).  i'm a bit of a square peg in that way.

this morning was another clothing give-away (the second this year, the other was in march).  i think that i did ok, got some things that i like and will hopefully fit and will wear.  i even found a sweater for my guy because he usually needs something when he is here in the winter, cuz i tend to conserve propane and will gather a few extra layers rather than turn the heater on or up.

all in all, it was a good birthday, thank you for your well wishes!


  1. Glad it was a good birthday.  Your cartoon is coming soon.


  2. sounds like fun... heard it was your Birthday and stopped over to give you good wishes.  Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. "Happy Belated  Birthday Debra" I popped over from Russ.Sorry we missed your correct day.I am happy to read you enjoyed your day.Good on you finding some nice winter things in the sale.We certainly need ours now here in England Brrrr its so so cold.Have a lovely Sunday. I have put you on my alerts hope you don't mind.Take Care God Bless Kath
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  4. Happy (belated) Birthday, Debra. I'm popping over from Russ's journal. Glad to hear that Beowulf made a good movie. --Cin

  5. Happy Belated Birthday hon. I think I will check out Beowulf now that you recommended it so highly. Although I have to wait until it's released to DVD as the movie theatre near me doesn't accomadate close captioning yet. (Hugs) Indigo


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