24 November 2007

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

mental mastication, we all do it...


Mental mastication, we all do it...don't be embarrassed, it's healthy, it's normal. Some of us are a bit more thorough than others.  Personally, I think I might masticate too much.  Perhaps I should see a professional about that, oh! that's right, I already am.   What was I thinking?  Clearly, that was an example of not mentally masticating properly.


Speaking of proper mental mastication, we all have experienced hoof in mouth disease at some point.  I have gotten better over the years, but some times I find my ped looming large in my vision.  Times like that, I find it generally is best to clamp my lips tightly, thereby preventing anything further from escaping and my foot from entering.


When the moment passes, and I can breath, I usually apologize for the gaffe.  Then I leave it alone.  It fades quicker that way.  I hope.  My guy and I were mentally masticating together today.  It's ok, we engage in this frequently and it is fairly safe.  Sometimes, we don't masticate enough, that often leads to big misunderstandings.  Then we usually share our mental mastications more frequently, for longer durations.  This can go on for an amazingly long period of time, until we are both worn out and in need of rest and rejuvenation.  Sometimes, refreshments are required.


So any way, we were past the balance, nearing the breaking point, when we realized we both had lost "it"...when we listened to ourselves chanting, "grad school rocks"  (doing the metal head bash with altered ("Ilove you" in ASL) hand gestures) and other geeky things like "mean raw scores transformed! become standard scores" (accompanied with snappy super-hero gestures reminiscent of 1980's trucks that become robots).  We realized that our hysteria (mania) was complete, when we both continued to crack one-liners and cackle in merriment and mirth.


At least we did this in the privacy of my home.  Mental mastication in public (or performed by public agents for that matter) is generally frowned on.  That's why stupid questions are so rampant, I think.  Not enough mental masticating.


  1. I like to do it in the grocery store line with the other customers and cashiers participating.

  2. What a delightful entry, just when I thought that I gotten all the laughs that I could out of it, I read the first comment to your post and atarted cracking up again. Masticate on!--Sheria

  3. I think perhaps you are more mentally balanced than you think!



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