28 November 2007

just a short note

today was good; we spent a portion of the early afternoon running about, getting me a few things (bread bowl, bread board, two pair of jeans, knitting looms) and had lunch out (huddle house).  we watched a movie, chatted, and had sandwiches on homemade bread this evening.  mom leaves early in the morning (she has an eight hour drive home).  it was a great visit, even if it was way too short (better than being way too long, right?).  mom's visits usually are too short but very good!


  1. Glad it was a nice visit.  Hope she has a safe trip back.


  2. I hope you guys will have another visit very soon and hopefully for a little longer Ü. Praying for your Mom to have a safe trip back home.


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  3. I can smell that bread all the way over here!


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