07 November 2007

scooter the squirrel swings off the rooftop

the other day, i got a birthday card from bonnie (huggles) and i just gotta share it with all three readers.

there is a pic of a squirrel holding a walnut is in each hand on the cover.  ya open the card, and it says, "scooter the squirrel would give his left nut to make sure you have a happy birthday".  then when ya close the card, it says "ouch" on the back, under a pic of a nutcracker.


  1. Have i wished you a happy birthday yet?
    Happy Birthday!
    I'll give my right nut since Scooter's giving his left one.
    Oh! Wait!  I don't have nuts!

  2. Love the card you got. By the way Happy Belated Birthday hon! Wishing you love and peace for many more to come. (Hugs) Indigo


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